Prophetic Insights

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Religion is of no real significance in a society that is dictated by industrialism, capitalism, consumerism and materialism. It is rather perceived as an obstacle in the pursuit of the goals set by such a society. As Muslims living in a community of this nature, it becomes tremendously challenging to preserve the values and ideals our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) imparted to us over 14 centuries ago. Our outlook on life changes and we become heedless to the goals set for us by our very Creator.
To help realign our ideals and goal to that which has been set by our Sustainer, Bukhari Academy presents this life changing seminar, Prophetic Insights.


Class 1:  February 27, 28
Class 2:  June 4, 5
Class 3:  October 1, 2

Objective of this Course

In this course, we aim to:

  • Assist in making you look at life in a more wholesome fashion
  • Discuss the realities of life, money and this world in general
  • Assist in making you to look at life in a more wholesome fashion
  • Motivate you to begin, if not resume, the pursuit of Paradise

Course Textbook

Rethink your World

Course Outline

Class 1: Your life

  • The gift of life
  • How to spend a stress free life
  • How to access Allāh’s infinite blessings at all times
  • How to have Allāh’s assistance in every step of life
  • How to become Allāh’s beloved

Class 2: Your money

  • The purpose of money
  • Accountability
  • How to access Allāh’s happiness through your money
  • Your true assets in life
  • The reality of hoarding money
  • Healthy spending

Class 3: The World

  • The reality of this world
  • The consequences of materialism
  • Balancing your worldly life